Y (Remastered Cassette) - The Pop Group

Y (Remastered Cassette)


Y is the highly influential and innovative debut album by The Pop Group, released in 1979. In the same year The Pop Group released their single She is Beyond Good & Evil / 3:38.

Limited Edition
Never previously available on cassette
Includes high definition audio download (please note She is Beyond Good & Evil / 3:38 is included on the download with the cassette but not on the actual cassette)

Tracklisting Side A Thief Of Fire (Remastered) Snowgirl (Remastered) Blood Money (Remastered) Savage Sea (Remastered) We Are Time (Remastered)

Side B Words Disobey Me (Remastered) Don't Call Me Pain (Remastered) Boys From Brazil (Remastered) Don't Sell Your Dreams (Remastered)

Product shots courtesy of Mute Records, Boomkat & Bleep