The Boys Whose Head Exploded (Picture Disc LP) - The Pop Group

The Boys Whose Head Exploded (Picture Disc LP)


Picture Disc LP housed in thick PVC jacket + DL (including Film Footage + LP Audio) Previously unreleased live recordings from 1979/1980 1980 Alexandra Palace Live Footage from the Don Letts Punk Rock Archives

We Are All Prostitutes (Live Milan 1980) Justice (Live Cologne 1980) How Much Longer (Live Cologne 1980) Blind Faith (Live Sheffield 1979) Forces of Oppression (Live Cologne 1980) There Are No Spectators (Live Cologne 1980)

Feed The Hungry (Live Cologne 1980) Rob A Bank (Live Milan 1980) Shake The Foundation (Live Cologne 1980) 73 Shadow Street (Live Helsinki 1980)