'Y in Dub' by The Pop Group & visionary dub pioneer Dennis Bovell
CD | Cassette | Digital - Out now on Mute Records
Vinyl out 25th March 2022
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#31 - Wire Magazine Archive Releases of the Year
#35 - Concrete Islands Albums of the Year
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'A masterful reconfiguration of the Bristol post-punk outfit’s pipebomb LP wherein Bovell picks apart and re-imagines the entire album in a way that accentuates its scarifying doom and white-hot grooves while rendering it freshly tooled for the present' The Quietus

'A remarkable achievement, adding a new layer to an old record in a unique way'
Record Collector

'Bovell and The Pop Group take 'Y' to the furthest reaches of the galaxy and the depths of the ocean, ripping these songs apart and stitching them back together in surprising ways, stretching them to breaking point and beyond...More than a companion piece, more than a remix album, 'Y in Dub' stands on its own' Brooklyn Vegan

'Fierce and fearless, a brave triumph' Electronic Sound Magazine

'With 'Y In Dub', Dennis Bovell has taken a sacred text and reawakened the demons within it. He has created a new language with old words and has answered the question of can you improve on perfection because here Bovell has proven that yes indeed you can' Louder Than War

'A quiet triumph...the quality of sound in this new dub version is sky-high. It’s immensely fun. Recording artists of all manner should be contractually obligated to dub out every album and find the better version hiding inside a perfectly good one' Sasha Frere-Jones / 4Columns

'Four decades on, The Pop Group’s post punk classic get exquisitely dubbed up by Dennis Bovell...a resolute success - a relevant and interesting return to a landmark album'
Juno Daily - Album of the Week

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