'An alien encounter scratch video creates a temporary autonomous zone, an illegal Bristol broadcast from St. Paul’s pirate tv channel. Max is a cinematic heretic.' Mark Stewart

'Working for The Pop Group has been an honour, their early work help set the foundations in Bristol for what would become an incredibly experimental and musically diverse city.' Max Kelan Pearce

The Pop Group have collaborated with one of Bristol’s most forward thinking and distinctive visual artists for the video of their first single Zipperface, taken from their forthcoming new album Honeymoon On Mars

Max Kelan Pearce is known for his use of defunct technology and his low-res, degraded style. Rooted in nonlinear structures and labour intensive processes Kelan’s experiments with VHS players, camcorders and digital manipulation have made him a leading video artist within the contemporary Bristol underground. Kelan has collaborated with a wide variety of artists in recent years and is best known for his affiliation with Bristol’s Young Echo collective.

Mirroring the velocity and tension of Zipperface, as well as its themes of blackmail and thought control, Kelan has visualised a grotesque mindtrip that subverts the mundane with infestation, knife play and a psychedelic onslaught of superimposition and tape damage. It’s a striking audiovisual collaboration that brings together Bristol’s foremost provocateurs with the city’s latest wave of pioneering talent.

Zipperface is available as an instant download with pre-orders of Honeymoon On Mars


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