The Pop Group Live In Italy 201729th November, 2016

The Pop Group on BBC Radio 6 Music / Mary Anne Hobbs26th November, 2016

‘It’s up to us to try and fight for something to make the future a little bit better’

Mark was asked about How To Make Music That Matters for Mary Anne Hobbs’ 6 Music show.


Mark Stewart In Conversation with Aquarium Drunkard24th November, 2016

‘There’s a line on the record that says, “Somebody once told me that hope is a power.” My hope really lies in people on the electronic frontier.’


(Photo by Bruna Amaral)

The Pop Group On Planet Gear for Drowned In Sound24th November, 2016


Some gear porn from Gareth on Drowned in Sound
‘I am always accused of writing six songs inside one song’

Demystification abounds HERE

A Fellow Travellers Playlist for Apple Music23rd November, 2016

You don’t have to go very far off the interpreted path to find yourself in difficult situations; the courage to face the trials and to bring a whole new body of possibilities into the field of interpreted experience…Here are a few attempting that deed

Featuring selections from Death Grips, Hieroglyphic Being, Sleaford Mods, Beak>, Protomartyr, Charles Hayward (This Heat) & more



A Bristolian Post Punk Band in Paris22nd November, 2016


We play Festival BBmix / Festival BBMIX 2016 on the 26th of November

Check this best of the festival playlist featuring yours truly, Boris & other artists from the programme

& Check this preview of the festival courtesy of Noisey France

Jocund Din: Caught By The River on The Pop Group21st November, 2016

Neil 1979 Wildblanket

‘Buying Honeymoon on Mars has sent me back to those three albums. The first, Y, is especially good for sounds, the second and third for words and world woe. All of them feel sculptural to me, both mineral and metal, hacked from the planet and beaten out of it, whilst the accompanying shouting – a work party of one, hitting the jackhammers and hollering – adds great momentum. To listen to such musical lean and heave is still oxygenating down all the years…

At its best, you hear on Honeymoon on Mars what was there before and what therefore is the Pop Group: the sound of something being ripped from the flow of time, a great questioning machine kicking into life, a calving glacier, a scream running over the top of everything. Aged eighteen, when he stood across the bank of school lockers from me, Mark Stewart was somehow already primed for his late middle aged honeymoon, was already embarked on adulthood even though that adulthood would keep him forever, it seems, in the raw first light of angry consciousness…

Pessimism of the intellect but optimism of the will, Gramsci said. I believe that. A jocund din, Wordsworth said of a night when a boy’s mimic hootings set off the tawny owls of the Lake District. That, too.’

Terrific personal reflection on the power of The Pop Group down the years in Caught by the River. By author & BBC Radio producer Tim Dee.

Read in full HERE.

Maximum Heavyosity: Goth-Trad Remixes The Pop Group18th November, 2016

Japan’s very own ‘Sound Originator’ Takeaki Maruyama aka Goth-Trad has produced a monumental remix of The Pop Group’s first single Zipperface from new album Honeymoon On Mars. 

An indispensable ringleader in Tokyo’s dubstep scene and a prolific proponent of raw dubwise futurism, Goth-Trad has won support from the likes of The Bug, Kode 9 and Mary Anne Hobbs and has recently collaborated with Boris and Dälek on his latest record Psionics.

Here his rework takes the original into infernal depths, drawing out oppressive levels of tension and infusing Dennis Bovell’s prior mixing desk manipulations with sparse soundsystem brutality.

Zipperface (Goth-Trad Remix) is Out Now


Vic Reeves vs The Pop Group for Noisey16th November, 2016

Mark & Vic 1

“What does the future hold for both of you beyond your immediate projects?”
MS: I think we’re going to adopt some children. OK magazine are going to pay for us to go to Disneyland and get married.
VR: Then we’ll move into a tent together.

Mark Stewart & Vic Reeves discuss an unlikely alliance. Revelations include Vic inventing Industrial music and Mark pioneering buttoning up your shirt pre-Ian Curtis.

Read in full HERE

Honeymoon On Mars (Megamix EP)15th November, 2016


Honeymoon On Mars Megamix EP
A continuous trip through the album’s infernal dub versions
Produced by Dennis Bovell


Chaos Calls: Mark Stewart Talks to Impose Magazine10th November, 2016

On Honeymoon On Mars, Influence & Zombie Drone Armies

Read all HERE

A Riot On The Dial: In Session for BBC Radio 6 Music / Marc Riley7th November, 2016

A live session for Marc Riley ahead of the start of the UK / EU Tour next week

Tune in for airwave disorder from 7pm (GMT) HERE

Everyday Miracles / Thought Police / Drums of Dissent: A track-by-track guide to Honeymoon On Mars31st October, 2016


“The Pop Group has always walked through the door of mystery, the other and the sidereal…”

Mark Stewart gives the lowdown on Honeymoon On Mars to Drowned in Sound.

Read all HERE

Honeymoon On Mars Album Trailer30th October, 2016

The Pop Group in the studio with Dennis Bovell during the making of ‘Honeymoon On Mars’

Back in Full Swing: MOJO Review Honeymoon On Mars29th October, 2016

“It’s clear that the Pop Group are back in full swing”

LTD ED 180g Colour LP / LTD ED Boxset / 180g Black LP / CD / DL


The Pop Group & Protomartyr at the Barbican for Rough Trade’s 40th Anniversary29th October, 2016


Nick Helderman photographs a day of collaboration between The Pop Group & Protomartyr at rehearsals for Rough Trade’s 40th at the Barbican

View all the photos HERE

Bulldozer Funk: The Independent Review Honeymoon On Mars29th October, 2016

“A bulldozer funk maelstorm of splintering sounds”

LTD ED 180g Colour LP / LTD ED Boxset / 180g Black LP / CD / DL


Honeymoon On Mars – Out Today28th October, 2016

Album Of The Week – Rough Trade

Produced by dub titan Dennis Bovell & Bomb Squad legend Hank Shocklee

LTD ED 180g Colour LP / LTD ED Boxset / 180g Black LP / CD / DL


Noise Aficionados: The Pop Group playlist for Guardian Music27th October, 2016

Mark Stewart’s fellow travellers playlist for The Guardian.

Read & listen HERE

Breaking Ground: The Big Takeover Review Honeymoon On Mars27th October, 2016

“The Pop Group broke new ground when they formed in 1977 and they continue to do so today, especially now that everything they predicted has become commonplace. Tap into their present and discover the reality of their dark future.”


Rough Trade 40: The Pop Group / Protomartyr at the Barbican26th October, 2016

“Real, raw energy pouring from the stage & discordant, bleakly industrial noise.”

Loud & Quiet Magazine review our show with Protomartyr for Rough Trade’s 40th anniversary (Read HERE)

Thanks to those who came, all the acts & to the Barbican Centre for having us

PledgeMusic Honeymoon On Mars Campaign Goal Reached25th October, 2016

Thanks to the comrades for making this happen. Keep the Freak flag flying and hopefully we will see you at one of the upcoming shows.

Here’s Martin John Carter’s Pledge haul. Look out for yours in the post.

Dangerous Minds Premiere Honeymoon On Mars + Interview Mark Stewart & Hank Shocklee24th October, 2016

“A band completely reinvigorated by the new…”

Mark & Hank discuss The Pop Group’s collaboration with the Public Enemy / Bomb Squad producer

+ Listen to the full album stream of Honeymoon On Mars


Cinematic Heresy: Zipperface Official Video by Max Kelan Pearce21st October, 2016

“An alien encounter scratch video creates a temporary autonomous zone, an illegal Bristol broadcast from St. Paul’s pirate tv channel. Max is a cinematic heretic.” Mark Stewart

“Working for The Pop Group has been an honour, their early work help set the foundations in Bristol for what would become an incredibly experimental and musically diverse city.” Max Kelan Pearce

The Pop Group have collaborated with one of Bristol’s most forward thinking and distinctive visual artists for the video of their first single Zipperface, taken from their forthcoming new album Honeymoon On Mars

Max Kelan Pearce is known for his use of defunct technology and his low-res, degraded style. Rooted in nonlinear structures and labour intensive processes Kelan’s experiments with VHS players, camcorders and digital manipulation have made him a leading video artist within the contemporary Bristol underground. As well as producing backdrops for New York dubstep institution Reconstrvct, Kelan has collaborated with a wide variety of artists in recent years (Hodge, Karen Gwyer, Creta Kano, Seekers International) and is best known for his affiliation with Bristol’s Young Echo collective, working on projects for the likes of Asda, Giant Swan, Jabu and O$VMV$M.

Mirroring the velocity and tension of Zipperface, as well as its themes of blackmail and thought control, Kelan has visualised a grotesque mindtrip that subverts the mundane with infestation, knife play and a psychedelic onslaught of superimposition and tape damage. It’s a striking audiovisual collaboration that brings together Bristol’s foremost provocateurs with the city’s latest wave of pioneering talent.

Zipperface is available as an instant download with pre-orders of Honeymoon On Mars via iTunes

Tiny Mixtapes Premiere Hanz ‘Reducer Dub’ Zipperface Remix18th October, 2016

Zipperface packshot

Tiny Mixtapes spread the word about Honeymoon On Mars, the upcoming tour & premiere the ‘Reducer Dub’ Remix of Zipperface by the Tri Angle Records producer Brandon Juhans aka Hanz


Zipperface Hanz ‘Reducer Dub’ Remix will be released on 19th October


The original Zipperface single is available as an instant download with pre-orders of the new album Honeymoon On Mars via iTunes


Rough Trade 40 Now Sold Out13th October, 2016

The Pop Group’s colloborative show with Protomartyr at the Barbican is now sold out

The Pop Group embark on a UK & EU Tour in November, dates & tickets here:

The Pop Group UK / EU Tour 201613th September, 2016


with Dennis ‘Blackbeard’ Bovell At The Controls


Follow us on Songkick

Our New Single Zipperface – Available To Stream & Download6th September, 2016

Zipperface packshot

Dangerous Days / The War For Tomorrow Has Begun / Death To Distraction

Zipperface is available as an instant download with pre-orders of the new album Honeymoon On Mars through iTunes & streaming sites on Tuesday 6th September:

Tune in to Marc Riley (BBC Radio 6 Music) from 7pm tonight to hear the first radio play

FACT Magazine Announce Details of New Album & UK + EU Tour Dates31st August, 2016

“A hypersonic journey into a dystopian future full of alien encounters and sci-fi lullabies.”


01. ‘Instant Halo’
02. ‘City Of Eyes’
03. ‘Michael 13’
04. ‘War Inc.’
05. ‘Pure Ones’
06. ‘Little Town’
07. ‘Days Like These’
08. ‘Zipperface’
09. ‘Heaven?’
10. ‘Burn Your Flag’

Read the full story via Fact Magazine

Tour Dates

(Tickets On Sale 01/09)

New Album Ready to Pre-Order Via Pledge Music18th August, 2016

Dear Comrades

We’ve at last fulfilled a double fantasy to work with our two favourite sonic assassins, Dennis ‘Blackbeard’ Bovell and Hank Shocklee for the new Pop Group album! To help us control our means of production, fight corporate censorship & maintain freedom of speech, you can now pledge for exclusive bundles & formats, available on pre-order from PledgeMusic

We’re raising awareness for the amazing work of Mercy Ships & 25% of any profits will be going to this cause
Thank you all for your support & for making this double fantasy a reality.

Let the Freak Flag Fly.

Rough Trade’s 40th Anniversary – A Night of Collaborations at the Barbican Centre3rd August, 2016

Co7NKxQXgAAIJOn.jpg large

We’ll be playing a special one off colloborative show with Detroit’s finest post punk exponents Protomartyr as part of Rough Trade’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

Other acts on the night include John Grant + Wrangler and Scritti Politti + Alexis Taylor.

22nd October at the Barbican Centre.

Tickets on sale this Friday:

FB event:

Back In The Studio With Dennis Bovell & Hank Shocklee26th July, 2016


Consequence of Sound break the news that we’re working on a new record:

“We’ve at last fulfilled a double fantasy to work with our two favourite sonic assassins, Dennis ‘Blackbeard’ Bovell and Hank Shocklee,” the band’s Mark Stewart tells Consequence of Sound. “We’re in awe as Dennis, the Captain Kirk of dub is taking us on a hyper sound voyage into the future, and Hank, as always tears up the rules totally upholding our faith in the absolute value of noise. We’ve gone completely off the map.”

Read the story in full HERE

Mark Stewart In Conversation With Spark Mag14th June, 2016

‘When the band broke up, we just sealed it. We kept and protected everything. There’s a five year plan of putting out stuff that’s interesting, recording new music, and playing all over the world. It’s a serious project we’re all into. I think we’re more into it now than we were as kids.’

Mark Stewart in conversation with Spark Mag touching on origins, politics & more

Read in full HERE

Out Today – The Boys Whose Head Exploded Picture Disc LP | CD + DVD | DL27th May, 2016

  • Previously unreleased live recordings from 1979/1980
  • Newly uncovered live rarities including Shake The Foundations and unreleased song 73 Shadow Street
  • 1980 Alexandra Palace Live Footage from the Don Letts Punk Rock Archives.
  • Picture Disc LP + DL (including Film Footage + LP Audio)
  • CD + DVD + Limited Edition Poster



The Vinyl Factory Preview The Boys Whose Head Exploded Picture Disc LP27th May, 2016

More details and photos courtesy of VF HERE.

Gareth Sager on The Vinyl District’s First Date Series26th May, 2016

“We are talking Scotland in the early 1960s when one of the best things in the world was loading up the Dansette record player with a stack of 7-inch 45 rpm singles to see how many it could play…”

In full HERE.

Louderthanwar give The Boys Whose Head Exploded 9/1015th May, 2016

“It stands alone as an important historic piece of music”

Read in full HERE.

Dangerous Minds Premiere Never Before Seen 1980 Footage + Live Mutation of Shake The Foundations20th April, 2016

Dangerous Minds are currently hosting The Pop Group’s live mutation of ‘Shake The Foundations’ performed in Cologne from 1980, along with live footage filmed by Don Letts at Alexandra Palace the same year


Both feature on the new archival compilation ‘The Boys Whose Head Exploded’, available to pre-order now via our Pledge Campaign:

Our new official bootleg release The Boys Whose Head Exploded11th April, 2016

The Boys Whose Head Exploded, our official bootleg capturing the raw & feral energy of The Pop Group at the time…rough and tough right up to the moment when we exploded.

STREAM We Are All Prostitutes Live in Milan, 1980

+ full details & tracklisting via Consequence of Sound

Pop Matters give 9/10 Review to For How Much Longer18th March, 2016

“They played by their own rules and created something unlike anything else that could be heard at the time, and now the album has been reissued to a musical climate that has gone three and a half decades without seeing anything else like it.”

Read their take in full HERE.

Watch The Pop Group Q&A at Rough Trade East14th March, 2016

Mark & Gareth in conversation with Mark Fisher and Kodwo Eshun discussing ‘For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?’:

“Regarded as a lost classic, it’s not hard to see why it has achieved legendary status.” Clash Mag Review For How Much Longer24th February, 2016

In full HERE

NOISE SET Live at BBC 6 Music Festival22nd February, 2016

(Photo by Vicky Grace)

‘The walls shook…’

Gideon Coe on our NOISE SET slot with Geoff Barrow, as played on his show on Monday (15th) & Thursday (18th)

Stuart Maconie also featured a few choice selections on his ‘Freaky Side of the 6 Music Festival’ show

Listen in on Friday afternoon (26th) for the set in full.

Vinyl Factory Unpack For How Much Longer & We Are All Prostitutes17th February, 2016

(Photography by Michael Wilkin)

‘A radical manifesto for the deconstruction of the establishment, skewered on the continuing horrors of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, The Pop Group’s 1980 album For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? was one of the ’80s great ‘lost’ albums.

Released on their own Y label through Rough Trade, it celebrated antagonism and action, the title track proclaiming “Tolerance is a mark of apathy”. A riot of abrasive post-punk, free jazz and funk, shot through a dubbed-out haze (as heard most brilliantly on the Dennis Bovell-produced ‘We Are All Prostitutes’), the record was like a starter kit for street protest, with tracks titled like resistance anthems and a set of posters that read like placards, ready to be held aloft on the picket lines of Thatcher’s England…

Nestled at the heart of the damning script which hails capitalism is “the most barbaric of all religions” is the phrase “Our children shall rise up against us / Because we are the ones to blame”. Now able to own a copy, this reissue will put For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? into the hands of those children, who will struggle not to draw parallels.’


The Pop Group On NTS / 19.02.201615th February, 2016

Gareth played some records for NTS on Friday (the 19th)

Listen back here

For How Much Longer/We Are All Prostitutes Pledge Campaign Goal Reached11th February, 2016

Thanks to those who pledged! Orders will be despatched this week.

There are still a few days left.

Last remaining vinyl, bundles, T-Shirts and lyric sheets are available HERE

The long lost video of We Are All Prostitutes finally unearthed10th February, 2016

Shot at the Electric Ballroom in November of 1979 when the single was originally released, the previously unseen video was recently unearthed from the attic of video maker Chris Reynolds.

FACT Premiere Lost Video to We Are All Prostitutes / Mark Fisher on The Pop Group’s enduring radicalism8th February, 2016

‘The debates provoked by For How Much Longer rehearsed some of the disputes over aesthetics and politics that had exercised revolutionaries throughout the twentieth century. Was the message the most important thing, or was it formal innovation that made artworks revolutionary? The remarkable thing about For How Much Longer is that it refuses to choose.’


The Pop Group In Conversation with Kodwo Eshun & Mark Fisher at Special Q&A2nd February, 2016


‘The Pop Group’s ‘For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder’ was one of the most challenging records of the post-punk era. The album and its reception reflected the fraught debates about the relationship between music and politics which convulsed post-punk, and which continue to haunt us now. 

This unique event will begin with a playback of ‘For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?’, and the single ‘We Are All Prostitutes’. After the playback, discussion of the album will be led by Kodwo Eshun (the Otolith Group, author of More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction) and Mark Fisher (author of Capitalist Realism and Ghosts Of My Life), who will be joined by Mark Stewart and Gareth Sager of The Pop Group.  Was ‘For How Much Longer …’  ever properly heard in 1980, and what can it tell us about our current moment?’

Monday February 22nd, Rough Trade East, 7pm.

A Punk London Event

Full details HERE

The Signing Has Begun…1st February, 2016

The signing of ‘We Are All Prostitutes’ Limited Colour Edition.
Thank you everyone for all your pledges and making this dream a reality.
Not long to go till release day now!

Last few pre-orders available HERE.